1 August 2018 FT — Articles to Read

1 August 2018


Nevis News: Crime continues to increase on the island.  17 total murders to date this year: 5 on Nevis, 12 on St. Kitts.  This year three expat couples were robbed at Paradise Estates and the island is full of activists.  Apparently the crime has caught the attention of authorities.


All beautiful days on Nevis with few rain drops.  It is dry as it is July and the grass is a slight brown but all is well.  A night photograph is attached with the full moon.


The humourous story thus far is arrival at St. Kitts.  In Miami I was trying to arrange fresh pastries at the house for George M., developer from states redeveloping Cat Ghaut.  I told Atahlia, Jeffers daughter, “I will die if they are not there.  Nothing else is acceptable.”  Well, when I arrived on St. Kitts several people came up to me asking, “What is it you must have or you will die?”  I said, “The raison scones and coconut cookies from Good Taste bakery.”


This is the third trip for George M to Nevis.  It is interesting seeing and hearing him experience the island.  The first trip he enjoyed the island.  The second trip he fell in love with the island (I was not with him for this trip).  This third trip, each time we go anywhere someone says, “George!!!” J  It is just that kind of island.  I think the third trip makes it “home”.  The restaurants for this trip have been Yachtsman Grille (Ehhhhhh…forgettable); Turtle Time (Highly recommended for the Millennials looking to meet other Millennials…that’s all I am saying….food….ehhhhh); and Indian Summer (unexpected hit for Indian food…excellent.  Local hang out and we bumped into owner of Bananas and Jeffer’s daughter.  P.S. Going back to George: Trip 1: new clothing and Four Seasons Worthy; Trip 2: was not here; Trip 3: Old clothing, fits right in! J


Question: According to MSN:Money, what are the two factors that determine the amount necessary to retire early?  (Prof Note: In actuality, to retire at all)


BoJ bucks central bank trend to stick with ‘extremely low’ rates – Pg. 1

–          The BoJ announce yesterday it would maintain “extremely low” interest rates for an extended period, making clear it would not join other big central banks in rolling back crisis-era stimulus policies

–          …strengthening the framework for “continuous powerful monetary easing”


Eurozone grows at weakeast rate in two years – Pg. 2

–          Concerns over a slowdown in the eurozoe rose yesterday after quarterly figures showed growth in the bloc hit its weakest rate in two years in the second quarter

–          GDP expanded 0.3% from the first to second quarter, …

–          The news comes amid fears that the bloc is in the midst a soft patch after a blockbuster 2017 and supports the view held by the region’s senior monetary policymakers that the central bank must be patient in easing its crisis-era support

–          Higher oil prices have weighed on businesses in the region this year, but the fear is that growing tensions between the US and the rest of the world on trade barriers will unsettle businesses, leading to sluggish investment and fewer exports

–          …unemployment remained at 8.3% in June, its lowest level since December 2008


Jury selection starts in Manafort fraud case – Pg. 3

–          …accused of tax and bank fraud in the eastern district of Virginia

–          A conviction would complete the downfall of Mr Manafort…

–          If he is acquitted, it would deal a blow to the credibility of Mr Mueller’s investigation, which is under daily attack from the president as part of a public relations campaign designed to sow doubt among voters about the Russia probe (Prof Note: I still remain unclear what Manafort has to do with the Russian probe!)

–          Mr Manafort is accused of hiding at least $30m of that money from US tax authorities in offshore bank accounts in Cyprus, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Seychelles

–          The US government claimed that the misrepresented his income and that his consulting company, and failed to disclose existing loans on his properties when seeking additional mortgages


British universities face a crisis of over-ambitious expansion – Pg. 9

–          For most graduates, the economic return on their investment of time and money is good, but it gets harder and harder to make a beneficial choice; there is now an enormous range of places and courses to study

–          Higher education is ow a mess.  Two-thirds of UK students will never pay off their loan debt


Answer: (1) Your cost of living (Prof Note: Basically your monthly active expense in your retirement years); (2) The potential for investment growth and passive income (Prof Note: Basically your monthly passive income)