1 February 2019 FT — Articles to Read

1 February 2019


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, Mentally strong women refuse to do these 13 things? (Prof Note: When you read the list I believe it relates to all sexes)


GE marks new chapter with $1.5bn deal to settle subprime loans probe – Pg. 1

–        The settlement, announced alongside fourth-quarter revenues of $33.3bn, up 5% from a year earlier, sent GE shares up 14% in New York

–        The unit, which has been hit by a downturn in the market for gas-fired power plants ass well as what GE described as “continued execution and operational issues”, suffered a 23% drop in orders last year

–        The justice department settlement, in a probe of operations at GE’s now-defunct subprime mortgage business WMC in 2006-07, was seen by analysts as a sign the company was moving to reduce the risk it would be hit with large additional liabilities.  The sum was in line with the $1.5bn provision GE made last year


‘Momentous’ about-turn on US rate rises leaves Fed watchers perplexed – Pg. 3

–        Leaving rates unchanged at 2.25-2.5%, Jay Powell, Fed Chairman, unveiled new language that opened up the possibility the next move could equally be down, instead of up.  Forecasts from the Fed’s December meeting that another two rate rises are likely this year now appear to be history

–        Among them were slower growth in China and Europe, trade tensions, the risk of a hard Brexit and the federal government shutdown.  Financial conditions had also tightened…

–        …Fed is being swayed by market pressure

–        …the Fed accompanied a new statement describing its preferred rate-setting framework with reassurances that it would adjust “any” of the details of the asset reduction plan if economic or financial conditions warranted it

–        …”Powell put” in which the Fed comes to the rescue when Wall Street is in a swoon

–        The Fed’s new dovish guidance comes as welcome news to global markets.  But it has not dispelled concerns that there has been a trend towards uneven and unpredictable communications form the US central bank


Eurozone sickly growth compunds fears over global outlook – Pg. 3

–        Fears of a Eurozone slowdown have mounted after the bloc saw growth of just 0.2% in the fourth quarter of 2018

–        Italy, the third-largest economy in the Eurozone, fell into a technical recession after its second consecutive quarter of contraction

–        Germany, the region’s largest economy, which is driven by a 1.6tn (euro) export machine, is exposed to weak global growth


Answer: (1) They do not compare themselves to other people (Prof Note: Personally, I think comparison and admiration are good, provided it is healthy.  Look at a person one admires and learn from their success(es) and failures); (2) They do not insist on perfection (Prof Note: What is perfection after all?); (3) They do not see vulnerability as a weakness; (4) They do not let self-doubt stop them from reaching their goals (Prof Note: I often say if you do not believe in yourself, it is difficult for others to believe in you); (5) They do not overthink everything (Prof Note: “Analysis Paralysis”); (6) They do not shy away from tough challenges (Prof Note: I highly recommend everyone climb Kilimanjaro.  It is a worthy experience of physical accomplishment which, for me, required absolute determination); (7) They do not fear breaking the rules (Prof Note: What are rules there for if not to be broken?!); (8) They do not put others down to lift themselves up; (9) They do not allow others to limit their potential (Prof Note: Again, believe in yourself!); (10) They do not blame themselves when bad things happen; (11) They do not stay silent; (12) They do not hesitate to reinvent themselves; (13) They do not fear owning their success