12 July 2018 FT — Articles to Read

List-Serve Story:  I have always wondered what happens at an airport when caught with a gun in your bag.  Well, see below.   Now we know… (Experience from a list-serve reader)

Pgh Airport

Today while waiting in the TSA Pre-Check line a man, a few individuals in front of me, had a gun in his luggage.  Then the gun was discovered the man was quite “vocal” about his rights and that TSA had no authority to take his weapon.  Almost instantly two PA state police officers with “large” rifles appeared (seemingly from nowhere too).The man was promptly “lifted” in the air (from my vantage point) and escorted to a further security checkpoint  After the delay, at the TSA pre-check, following that incident it appeared from my novice gun user (pro Second Amendment though) that the hand gun was completely taken apart.  One could see pieces of the gun strewn throughout the security table – and so the July 4th travels began (not my definition of “Independence” Day)

12 July 2018

Question: According to CNBC, what are three phrases that a boss uses when they want to fire you?

Corporate America feels trade war heat – Pg. 2

–          …US multinationals warned its impact would outweigh the benefits of tax cuts and some Republicans voiced fears about the political fallout

–          …planned implementation of tariffs on a further $200bn of imports from China….

–          The prospect of a sustained trade war also shook commodities markets, …

Media fare badly in US sexual harassment study – Pg. 4

–          More than four in 10 women and one in five men working in US media have been sexually harassed by a colleague, …higher portion than in white-collar workplaces overall

–          …across all occupations 34% of women and 13% of men had been harassed at work.  Nearly three quarters of women and 59% of men were harassed by someone more senior

–          The incidence of harassment in media – which includes art and design, public relations and advertising, broadcasting, entertainment and publishing – is much higher than in the US finance and legal sectors.  In finance and insurance, 26% of women and 7% of men reported having been harassed, and in legal services 22% of women and 11% of men

–          The second and third highest incidence of harassment of women were reported by workers in technology – which has experienced its own series of harassment scandals, including at Uber – and in consulting and management

–          (Prof Note: My experience in corporate America is that I support these numbers anecdotally as I have not work in some of these industries.  However, my experience and observation is that these harassments are caused by a few individuals that are protected and/or tolerated by senior management)

Eurozone banks trapped in bear market territory amid anxiety over profitability – Pg. 21

–          Eurozone bank stocks are firmly trapped in bear market territory with investors concerned about the impact of escalating global trade tensions and anxiety over the sector’s profitability

–          All but three of the 27 members of the Euro Stoxx banks list, which lost 1.7% yesterday, were in negative territory

–          Europe’s bank index has fallen 22% from its January high and, with an average price-to-book ratio of 0.7, high-lighted the scale of investor concern over the health of balance sheets

Answer: (1) Could you put that in writing?; (2) I think we should bring HR into this; (3) You’re not a good fit