12 June 2018 FT — Articles to Read

12 June 2018

Question: 20 Expert-backed ways to improve your mental health everyday?

Stark warning from Citi over automation of bank jobs – Pg. 1

  • Citigroup’s investment bank head has suggested that it will shed up to half its 20,000 technology and operations staff in the next five years, as machines supplant humans at a growing pace
  • If replicated across the industry, the potential job losses would represent a steeper rate of cuts than in 2007-17, when almost 60,000 jobs were slashed from eight of the world’s top-10 investment banks…

Financials – Pg. 9

  • At JPMorgan, the world’s biggest investment bank by revenue every year since 2010, investment bank head Daniel Pinto sees global growth driving revenue higher in the coming years, while big banks like his deploy technology to cut costs and win clients
  • Investment banks have spent much of the decade under a shadow since the meltdown of the US mortgage market. They have watched private equity firms and hedge funds take their place at the top of the finance food chain
  • Investment banks have also regained their cachet among ambitious graduates
  • …investment banks have to navigate a very different environment. Regulations have in effect banned them from once-lucrative activities such as trading stocks on their own behalf and co-investing in funds with clients
  • Europe’s investment banks have fallen out of the world’s top five since 2015 after a series of strategic exits from Asia, the US and continental Europe

Answer: (1) Plan your day more efficiently; (2) Use the buddy system; (3) Call a time-out; (4) Know how to say “no”; (5) Develop a healthy arrogance; (6) Prioritize you; (7) Delegate ruthlessly; (8) Respect the unexpected; (9) Generate a solution that you can implement immediately; (10) Be comfortable with discomfort; (11) The bend over backwards; (12) Focus on somebody other than yourself; (13) Turn trouble into transformation; (14) Pick the low hanging fruit; (15) Relieve the past to face the future; (16) Use a spotter; (17) Create a three-legged life (home, work, self); (18) Recognize the power of your imagination; (19) Stop comparing yourself; (20) Call someone (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, (800) 273-8255)