12 September 2018 FT — Articles to Read

12 September 2018


List-Serve Story: Regarding tattoos, I have a story.


Many years ago I crossed the Atlantic on a combination cargo/passenger boat.  One of the sailors, who was in his late 40s/early 50s, had a large tattoo down his chest and belly which he had gotten in his youth.  Well, with his belly having expanded in the meantime,  the mermaid looked pregnant!


We all laughed every time we saw him shirtless working on the boat.


Question: According to MSN:Lifestyle, what are 10 signs everyone thinks you’re insensitive?


US-China stand-off poses risk to developing world, warns Lagarde – Pg. 1

–          …comments came as President Donald Trump prepares new US tariffs on $200bn of Chinese imports, sharply ratcheting up the trade war with Beijing

–          Thus far, the developing world crisis has focused on Argentina and Turkey, both of which have specific fiscal or political issues that have raised investor concern.  But countries as diverse as South Africa, Indonesia and Brazil have in recent weeks seen outflows, raising the risk of a broader crisis


Carney to stay at BoE until 2020 to ease Brexit fears – Pg. 3

–          …scheduled date for Britain’s exit from the bloc of March 29 next year

–          If there is a withdrawal deal between the UK and EU, Britain will have entered a standstill transition period where all EU rules apply domestically and would be engaged in seeking a permanent new trading relationship with the EU

–          One of the early tasks for the new governor would be to help set out Britain’s desired relationship with Brussels on financial services


Pushing back on China – Pg. 7

–          …unusual trilateral forum that brings together trade officials from the US, EU and Japan

–          Their mission: to combat the allegedly unfair trading practices by unspecified “third countries”

–          …a potential co-ordinated assault by the Trump administration, EU and Japan on their unique model of Chinese “state capitalism” that has been integral to the country’s economic success over the past 40 years

–          Whether the Chinese leadership is ultimately confronted by the US alone, or by the US, EU and Japan, is important for Beijing, especially as it continues a campaign against risky financial practices that have slowed investment and economic growth.  Yet the Chinese have also begun to conclude that there is much more to Mr Trump’s trade threats than empty bluster

–          Mr Trump is now poised to authorize a third round of tariffs that will take the total value of affected Chinese goods to $250bn – about half of Beijing’s total annual exports to the US

–          Others argue that Mr Trump’s ideal outcome is in fact no deal at all, so he can implement long-term tariffs on all Chinese exports to the US in a bid to bring about a radical overhaul of global supply chains


Answer: (1) You don’t pay attention to body language; (2) You raise your voice; (3) You aren’t open to other opinions; (4) You get defensive; (5) You can’t remember people’s names; (6) You don’t think (days) before you speak; (7) You ignore the ‘Golden Rule’; (8) You don’t notice the faces around you; (9) You can’t control your attitude; (10) You don’t act present