14 August 2018 FT — Articles to Read

14 August 2018


Question: According to MSN:Money, what are four (4) mistakes millennials are making?


Turkey central bank fails to prop up lira – Pg. 2

–          The Turkish lira fell further yesterday despite cental bank moves to shore up the system…

–          The currency slid 11% to a record low of TL7.2362 against the US dollar in Asia trading, before rallying to take about 8% down

–          The lira has been rocked by a dispute between Ankara and Washington which has added to concerns about Turkey’s high inflation and hits hefty current account deficit, as well as corporates’ foreign currency debt and the direction of economic policy under Mr Erdogan

–          The currency has lost 24% of its value against the dollar since August 6, and 46% so far this year


US scrambles to curb spread of 3D-printed guns after blueprint posted online – Pg. 4

–          US lawmakers are grappling with how to regulate 3D-printed guns and other home-made firearms, as cheap technology opens a new front in the country’s war over gun control

–          A California law to force the registration of home-made firearms went into force this summer…

–          Defense Distributed has turned its focus on the market for “ghost guns”, the term for an operational and unregistered firearm made from assembled parts.  It created a spin-off, Ghost Gunner, selling computer-automated machine tools that allow its owner to turn $700 worth of lawfully-bought, untraceable parts into an AR-15 assault rifle

–          The business aims to exploit US laws that consider only a completed “lower receiver” to be a firearm while parts such as barrels, stocks and magazines are unregulated accessories.  Hobbyists can buy complete AR-15 kits and 10-packs of unfinished receivers from websites and apply the finishing touches

–          (Prof Note: I just wonder if the only way to address is through education?  Legalize, regulate and educate!)


Answer: (1) Not preparing for the unexpected; (2) Avoiding credit; (3) Not saving enough for retirement; (4) Spending frivolously (Prof Note: I see so many iced coffee drinks and Starbucks in the classroom.  GWU’s IT department now knows me well as I discovered free coffee in their offices which is on the same floor at my classroom, i.e. I do not to use departmental coffee on the other side of the building three floors up)