15 September 2018 FT — Articles to Read

15 September 2018


Question: What are 15 Ways to be more attractive, according to science (Prof Note: The article appears to be about males)?


A post-crisis cure that has stored up economic pain – Pg. 11

–          Today most agree that the final response to the crisis – bank bailouts, endless quantitative easing and a dose of fiscal stimulus – was the correct one

–          …wave of experts now insisting another crisis is just around the corner (Prof Note: Including ME!)

–          Thin about what QE and super-low interest rates have done.  The idea was that they would prevent corporate and personal bankruptcies but also – as explained by the US Federal Reserve and the BoE – push up asset prices so that the wealth effect (the idea that if you feel richer you spend more) would drive consumption and hence recovery

–          The wealthy, and those in a position to borrow and take risks, have become wealthier


Asia resilient in EM crisis but dangers await – Pg. 15

–          Emerging economies are being challenged by a strengthening US dollar and the scaling down of ultra-loose monetary policy in developed markets but parts of Asia are proving more resilient

–          Among the most exposed emerging economies are those with current account deficits that rely on foreign capital.  When US rates rise, attracting foreign capital into developing economies is a harder feat

–          Many Asian economies have built current account surpluses with the exception of Indonesia, India and the Phillipines, which last year had respective current account deficits of 1.7% of GDP, 1.5% and 0.8%

–          Some highlight the big change from Asia’s financial crisis in 1997 that was sparked by an increase in US rates that sucked capital out of the region

–          China’s debt levels are eye-wateringly high, amounting to 299% of GDP in the first quarter, a risk that has deterred some investors


Question: (1) Travel with an entourage (Prof Note: I never go anywhere without my posse!); (2) Befriend a baby (Prof Note: I once had a peer that was recently divorced with a young baby tell me, “Babies are “chick” magnets!); (3) Walk your dog (Prof Note: I actually had another peer purchase a dog just to meet “the ladies”); (4) Give your razor a break (5) Lend a helping hand (Prof Note: This is just about being a good/great person); (6) Master your gait; (7) Craft your online dating bio wisely; (8) Steer clear of selfies; (9) Smile (but, like, slowly); (10) Stay strong, but not too strong; (11) Flaunt your battle scars (Prof Note: I often say to peers, the older you get, the more scars are expected on your face); (12) Carry a guitar (Prof Note: I had a student that rode a motorcycle.  Handsome bloke.  The first day of class he swaggered in with his helmet and the woman looked.  I took the opportunity to say, “Now why do you carry a helmet when I saw you riding the bus?”  He took the comment in great stride! J); (13) Ditch the corny pickup line ; (14) Manspreading can be a good thing; (15) Buy a bouquet