16 April 2019 FT — Articles to Read

16 April 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are seven (7) reasons you should rent a home in retirement?


Decline in inflation outlook raises pressure on ECB to act – Pg. 2

–          A technical measure of Eurozone investors’ inflation expectations has fallen to its lowest level for three years, putting pressure on the ECB to convince doubters that it is willing to use fresh stimulus to boost the region’s economy

–          When the ECB halted the expansion of quantitative easing in December the rate was 1.6%, but it is now down to 1.36%, its lowest since 2016

–          …Mr Draghi’s term up at the end of October…


Chicago Fed chief favours US rates holding steady to 2020 – Pg. 19

–          The Fed caught investors off-guard at the start of this year when it first indicated that it would put previous plans to keep raising rates on ice

–          It firmed up that message last month, when it signaled that it would not raise rates for the rest of this year – the first such abstinence since 2014

–          …put push annual inflation rates up towards or even beyond that 2% target, it might be necessary to keep interest rates at current levels until the latter part of next year

–          The Fed’s reluctance to raise interest rates has been mirrored elsewhere, with the ECB also suggesting that rates should stay at historically low levels with additional cheap loans for Eurozone banks


Answer: (1) Gain access to your home equity; (2) Enjoy a dwelling that better suits your needs?; (3) Live closer to children and grandchildren; (4) Avoid home repairs and maintenance; (5) Explore the world; (6) Gain more freedom; (7) Get help with daily tasks