18 April 2019 FT — Articles to Read

18 April 2019


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what are fourteen (14) things you are doing that make people instantly dislike you?


Turkish central bank’s short-term borrowing fuels fears for reserves – Pg. 1

–          Turkey’s central bank has bolstered its foreign currency reserves with billions of dollars of short-term borrowed money, raising fears among analysts and investors that the country is over-stating its ability to defend itself in a fresh lira crisis

–          Reported net foreign reserves held by the central bank stood at $28.1bn in early April – a sum investors already believed was inadequate because of Turkey’s heavy need for dollars for debt and foreign trade


US to allow lawsuits over properties nationalized by Cuba – Pg. 2

–          …US has opened the door for citizens to sue companies deemed to be trafficking in Cuban properties nationalized after the 1959 revolution

–          The decision activates the so-called Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which has been waived by every US president over the past 23 years due to opposition from the international community and fears it would flood the US court system


Populism wave threatens to wash away elite colleges – Pg. 2

–          Ena was founded after the second world war in 1945 precisely to promote “social mixing” and give less privileged students the chance to win senior government posts based on their merits

–          But over the decades the successful applicants have increasingly been drawn from the upper classes – 70% at the latest count, compared with about 45% in the 1950s


Yale study keep s pig brains active 10 hours after decapitation – Pg. 2

–          Scientists have restored some brain functions in pigs four hours after the animals were decapitated, a breaththrough that could advance neuroscience but which raises ethical questions about the line between life and death

–          The findings also raise moral questions and challenge “longstanding assumptions about what makes an animal – or human – alive”

–          The researchers stressed that there were no indications of “perception, awareness, or consciousness” in the brains


China focuses on construction and private sector to counter slowest growth in 30 years – Pg. 4

–          China posted GDP growth of 6.4% for the first quarter yesterday, coming in above the market consensus of 6.3%

–          Housing prices in 70 big Chinese cities increased an average of 10.6% year on year in March, the quickest gain since April 2017


Majority of fund managers forecast end of rate rise cycle – Pg. 19

–          The proportion of investors who expect the Fed to have finished increasing interest rates has risen to 53%, from less than 40% in March…

–          A bout of weaker than expected data on the US economy, as well as from leading trading partners, such as the Eurozone, has sparked a dovish shift in policy from the Fed

–          The odds of no change in the Fed’s key rate through January 2020 are 53%…


Answer: (1) Sharing too many photos on Facebook (2) Disclosing something extremely personal early on in a relationship; (3) Asking someone questions without talking about yourself at all; (4) Posting a close-up profile photo; (5) Hiding your emotions; (6) Acting too nice; (7) Humblebragging; (8) getting too nervous; (9) Not smiling; (10) Including a smiling emoticon in an email; (11) Having a hard-to-pronounce name; (12) Name-dropping; (13) Offering a weak handshake; (14) Acting like you do not like someone