18 July 2019 FT — Articles to Read

18 July 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what is the most educated county in Maryland?


G7 nations struggle to reach digital tax compromise – Pg. 2

  • Finance minsters of the biggest western economies were struggling to reach a compromise last night on how to tax tech companies such as Google and Facebook that often pay little corporate tax in countries where they profit from consumers and their data
  • …other issues, including a related plan to work out a minimum coporate tax regime across the world so that multinationals cannot divert their profits to tax havens or low-tax jurisdictions, there was more consensus among the ministers and central bank chiefs
  • France and other countries have been keep to set a suggested minimum company tax rate, or a range of possible rates, to accelerate the process at the OECD
  • The US has accepted the idea of a minimum rate for all companies


Eurozone: Young people struggle in two-tier labour market – Pg. 3

  • …block’s young people still face high unemployment rates, precarious work, underemployment and inactivity, …
  • The proportion of workers aged between 15 and 24 who are unemployed is about 16%, double that of the general population
  • Young workers in the Eurozone were the first to lose their jobs during the economic crisis


US banks feel heat as Fed rate cuts loom – Pg. 12

  • For US banks, the future arrived this week. Investors have long fretted about falling interest rates hitting growth at even the best-managed lenders.
  • Falling rates are not all bad news. They eventually result in lower funding costs as the overnight federal funds rate comes down,…
  • The strongest performer in the unit was the credit card business, where revenues rose 18%
  • Bullish investors also take heart from the fact that US bank stock prices are already at historic lows, on measures like price relative to book value


Answer: Howard County (31.1% Graduate or Professional degree)