18 October 2018 FT — Articles to Read

18 October 2018


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what are 40 of the most important things I learned before turning 40?


US hits EU banks with exchange threat – Pg. 2

–        One of the US’s top regulators has threatened to stop European banks from using US futures market if the EU refuses to water down post-Brexit plans to oversee clearing houses

–        The CME is widely used by banks around the world to hedge their exposures to dollar swaps and US Treasuries.  It could also bar US institutions from EU entities such as Deutsche Borse’s Eurex, which trades futures pegged to the prices of German government bonds

–        The US and UK have a common cause in resisting European plans for extensive oversight, with both sides supporting “deference” to local regulators, with close co-operation


Obamacare’s recovery defies the Republican death wish – Pg. 9

–        Obamacare still polarizes but, in a reverse of the numbers in 2014, it is now backed by 50% of Americans to 40%.  There are super-majorities for some of its features: insurers, for example, cannot refuse people with existing ailments

–        Once established, people favour a present good over the theoretical prospect of something better

–        When repeal failed in the Senate last year, Republicans could have spent their energies elsewhere.  Instead, they gnawed at the various schemes through which Obamacare widened access to healthcare.  The least liked of these, which nudged individuals to buy cover on pain of taxation, was cancelled to no great fuss.  The fool’s errand was to pick other, less winnable fights: against the expansion of Medicaid, against the lavishly popular existing conditions rule


Answer: (1) Keeping your hair dry is not a priority.; (2) Each age has its advantages and its limitations; (3) To that end, life is short; (4) Time is the greatest luxury (Prof Note: When I was younger I could not enjoy a sunset.  Always had something to do.  Now, I ask, “What is more important than this sunset?”); (5) You absolutely need new bras every year (Prof Note: No comment J); (6) Driving is the most dangerous thing we do in a given day (Prof Note: I absolutely pull over if I must respond to a text/email); (7) Be nice to everyone; (8) Money is ephemeral (Prof Note: It is important to note that Paul Allen, who arguably had all the money in the world, could not beat cancer at 65!); (9) That said, get a grip on your finances and line up your grown up documents (Prof Note: Estate planning can never be done too early but often is done far to late); (1) We are not actually in control of every part of our destiny; (11) To that end, know that not everything happens for a reason; (12) Don’t wait to travel (Prof Note: When disembarking the ship to get on a zodiac to step on Antarctica the women ahead of me was in hysterics crying and sobbing.  She was not permitted to go do to her infirmed status due to age as they were worried about safety.  Her sobs were, “I have waited all my life for this…”  It was heartbreaking); (13) You absolutely have to wear sunscreen; (14) Sleep is the most therapeutic, healing thing you can do for your body; (15) Dressing your age is boring and largely a total arbitrary construct; (16) You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do; (17) That said, regret is not binary; (18) Women who keep essential truths about their life experiences from other women harm themselves, the women in their spheres, and all of us; (19) You always feel better after a workout.  Always.; (20) Nothing is permanent; (21) Eschew the dominant and damaging cultural ethos that “good” motherhood means abandoning everything you personally hold dear; (22) Most excuses are totally bogus; (23) Walking is among life’s greatest simple pleasures (Prof Note: Sometimes when I walk on campus, especially in the Fall, I can feel the student tension but also I stop to sit on the bench to watch the colours.  It is unfortunate the students cannot enjoy due to the stress); (24) Manifest objectivity; (25) To that end, interpersonal tensions often aren’t about you at all; (26) Jealousy is a complete waste of energy, and usually misguided anyway; (27) Social media lies (Prof note: I do not even read social media); (28) Of course, it’s not just social media that lies… (Prof Note: Unfortunately, as evidenced in the media recently, there is lying at all levels); (29) Everything is fleeting; (30) Don’t hoard; (31) You won’t regret the wedding china you didn’t register for; (32) Appreciate your body before you look back on it and recall that last version so fondly; (33) If you feel like you need to live in New York- or Paris, or Los Angeles, or somewhere else-go do it.; (34) If you’re not sure- and the stakes are high-wear black; (35) That said, when you try to wear clothes meant to conceal what you view as your body’s imperfections, you actually feel way less cute; (36) Trust that when people say “no gift”, they mean it; (37) Fraying relationships only become ever more irreparable as time passes; (38) learn how to listen and give good advice; (39) What you think is unspeakable is not, and you must speak it: Someone has been there-or is there.  You are not alone. (Prof Note: I will forever say this, in the darkest and earliest of hours of my family’s darkness I raised my hand to trusted peers and said, “I need help.  Please help me.”  100.0% of individuals requested came to my aid all supporting the justice that prevailed!); (40) Your younger self would actually be really freaking impressed.