19 September 2018 FT — Articles to Read

19 September 2018


Question: According to MSN:Lifestyle, what are seven (7) signs you may have clogged arteries?


China hits back at trump tariffs by targeting $60bn of US goods – Pg. 1

–          Beijing retaliated against Donald Trump’s decision to impose duties on more than half of all Chinese imports by slapping new tariffs on $60n of American goods and scolding the US president for a lack of “good faith” in bilateral trade negotiations

–          R Trump continued to give few signs he is willing to compromise, warning on Twitter that he was willing to impose another round of duties if China targeted US farmers or blue-collar workers

–          Beijing is targeting fewer goods than Washington because China imports less from the US than vice versa.  US exports to China last year totaled about $130bn, compared to Chinese exports to the US valued at more than $500bn


Wall Street shake-up scatters US technology groups – Pg. 19

–          Tech investors are braced for what some have called a “de-Fannging” of the sector – a reference to a handful of big US tech companies that have led Wall Street to record highs in recent years

–          From next week, Facebook an Alphabet will move form information technology into communication services, a revamped sector whose creation is the most striking change in a shake-up of the widely tracked classification system that investors use to help navigate the world’s biggest stock market

–          When the dust has settle, seven tech stocks that represent roughly a fifth of the S&P500 information technology sector will be reclassified as communication services…

–          Some 16 stocks, including Netflix, whose combined market cap accounts for about 22% of the consumer discretionary sector, will also join the renamed sector that is home to just three companies including Verizon and AT&T

–          As a rough estimate, ….the entire sector reclassification will drive about $20bn in trading volume.  The changes mean that the tech sector, which has swelled to account for about a quarter of the total market value of the S&P 500, thanks, in part, to the meteoric rise of the Fanngs, will shrink to about a fifth

–          The revamp of what is currently called the telecoms serevices sector will force investors to rethink what has been considered a defensive part of the market with a high dividend yield

–          The proposed changes will also effect valuations.  The telecoms sector trades at a low forward price-to-earnings ratio of 10.2 Times, …while the forward P/E of the communication services to 18.6 times


Answer: (1) Erectile dysfunction (ED); (2) Baldness; (3) Ear Crease; (4) Calf pain when you walk; (5) A tight jaw; (6) Lower back pain; (7) A smoking habit