2 November 2018 FT — Articles to Read

2 November 2018


Question: According to MSN: Money, how much do you really take home from a $100,000 salary in each state?


Scientists launch project to read DNA of all known life – Pg. 2

–        International biologists have launched an ambitious project to read all the DNA in each of the world’s known animal, plant and fungal species over the next 10 years, sequencing 1.5m different genomes at an estimated cost of $4.7bn

–        They expect to read the full DNA sequence of all the world’s eukaryotic species – ogranisms whose cells have a nucleus enclosed by membranes.  These are animals, plants, fungi and protozoa, which encompass all of the life except simple microbes (bacteria and archaea).


Google staff walk out to put focus on harassment response – Pg. 3

–        Google has become the latest Silicon Valley company to come under fire for its handing of sexual harassment claims after it emerged that two male executives had left the company with substantial pay packages despite the fact that complaints against them were found to be credible


Answer: (1) Maryland: $65,541; (2) Pennsylvania: $67,545; (3) Virginia: $67,811; (4) New York: $65,753; (5) Florida: $73,077; (6) Delaware: $67,231; (7) California: $66,157; (8) Alaska: $73,077