20 December 2018 FT — Articles to Read

20 December 2018


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, removing these 31 things from your life will make you happier and more successful?


Fed makes fourth rate rise of year but signals slower pace in 2019 – Pg. 1

–          The US central bank lifted the target range for the federal funds rate by another quarter point to 2.25-2.5%….but it also pared back its forecasts for further increases and indicated that it is less certain about future moves

–          …it is less sure where rates will go next

–          Core inflation has also remained tepid, at 1.8%, lessening the pressure for more rises

–          The so-called dot plot of rates forecasts by Fed officials now shows two quarter-point increases in short-term rates in 2019, down from three in the prior forecast.  Another single rate rise may follow in 2020…leaving the midpoint of the target range at 3.1% – the apparent peak of the rate-rising programme

–          The central bank trimmed its forecasts for growth next year to 2.3% from 2.5%, while leaving its unemployment prediction for 2019 unchanged at 3.5%


Investors push for 2030 end to coal-fired generation – Pg. 11

–          The world has already warmed by about 1C, largely due to emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.  Investor pressure is growing on the energy sector to take responsibility for its contribution to climate change

–          Big investors have stepped up their efforts in recent months, underpinned by the belief that institutional shareholders possess the greatest clout in pushing companies to change


Answer: (1) Comparing yourself to others (Prof Note: I do believe this can be healthy, to an extent.  For example, professionally in terms of skills and education.  Just needs to be done in a healthy manner.); (2) Creating unrealistic expectations of yourself (Prof Note: When I finally accepted I would never dunk a basketball, it was a relief! J); (3) Your social media obsession (Prof Note: Never understood this and I am NOT on Facebook); (4) Bad spending habits (Prof Note: I often think, “What am I really getting for this expenditure?!”); (5) Far of the unknown; (6) Living in the past; (7) Putting off a vacation (Prof Note: Travel, in my opinion, opens one’s mind and heart); (8) Your packed schedule (Prof Note: make time for the sunset(s).  You only get so many in your life.); (9) Unhealthy relationships (Prof Note: This should be expanded to professional); (10) Waiting for the perfect moment; (11) The need to be in control of everything (Prof Note: I have recently begun working with several HIGHLY qualified and respected individuals in modelling.  What has happened?!  The pro formas constructed have taken a giant leap forward.); (12) Relying on others to make you feel happy and fulfilled; (13) Avoiding getting out of the house (Prof Note: Sun on one’s face is a happy feeling!); (14) You need to have the best things (Prof Note: Be blessed and happy with what you have.  My broken iPhone with the cracked glass works just fine!); (15) Your hesitation to indulge (Prof Note: Sure, I’ll have that shot of vodka!); (16) Feeling sorry for yourself (Prof Note:  I think self-reflection is healthy…just do not let it bog you down); (17) Fear of failure (Prof Note: A great skill is learning to get back up!); (18) Grudges (Prof Note: I have debates with my peers about this.  I think grudges are healthy as some things, e.g. lying to students, are unforgiveable.); (19) Worrying what others think of you (Prof Note: I stopped cutting my hair when my second book was published to be the “crazy” author.  I perceive that I am treated differently, in a good way, in general.  People are more open to just starting conversations with me at random.); (20) Your disorganized lifestyle (Prof Note; I find that organization does breed happiness); (21) Controlling others (Prof Note: Embrace others and accept them for who they are.  If in a professional setting, state your peace and seek your happiness!); (22) Jealousy (Prof Note: Respect and admiration are healthy.  Find happiness in the success(es) of others); (23) Blaming others for your mistakes (Prof Note: Always take responsibility); (24) A yearning to fit in (Prof Note: This is one of the great things about Nevis.  Basically everyone is a wack-a-doodle and everyone is embraced for their originality.  Be yourself!); (25) Overanalyzing situations; (26) Friends who are not there for you (Prof Note: A close peer that was a Federal Guest of the prison system told me that one of the benefits of going to prison was it separated acquintances from true friends.); (27) Resisting change (Prof Note: I will admit that I resist, especially with technology.  I still believe, I fear this will bite me in the future, Facebook is a fad!); (28) Being afraid to be yourself (Prof Note: Try talking to absolute strangers in retail establishments and when out.  It is amazing the number of nice people that actually talk back. J); (29) Holding onto items you do not need (Prof Note: I am NOT getting rid of my sea containers!); (30) Avoiding your problems (Prof Note: I have been blessed with only a few MAJOR problems in my life.  However, when they have occurred I ran directly at them, full steam.  All were resolved to my benefit but only because I addressed them head on (and dedicated resources to their solutions)); (31) Worrying about missing out (Prof Note: Just because you were not at particular place, does not mean you cannot enjoy the stories about the experience told by friends and family!)