20 February 2019 FT — Articles to Read

20 February 2019


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what should one do if your loved one struggles with depression? (Prof Note: Everyone’s well wishes were incredibly meaningful to me regarding the loss of my peer (our peer) due to suicide.  While I did not know this person that well, I was honoured to be on his “list” of people to be notified of his passing.  At his wake I was touched and moved by the number of people that this individual had touched and moved.  A skill worth having is the ability to speak for 2 – 3 minutes about any individual in an extremely positive tone.)


Walmart sees year-end sales surge – Pg. 11

–          Walmart eased fears over the financial health of the US consumer yesterday, with the country’s largest retailer disclosing its biggest rise in domestic sales for the festive season in 15 years

–          …annual revenues rose almost 4%…

–          Footfall at Walmart stores rose only 0.9%, although those customers who did shop in store spent more, driving the average transaction value up 3.3%


France revels in sovereign debt ‘sweet spot’ as demand for 30-year deal soars – Pg. 19

–          France has ventured into the 30-year bond market for the first time in two years, attracting strong demand from investors seeking solid yields while central banks around the world seem committed to keeping rates low

–          …boon for European governments with a lot of debt to sell as investors are drawn to the additional yield on offer from longer dated bonds

–          France sold its new bond with a coupon of 1.5% – 50 bps below its last 30-year bond, which sold in May 2017 amid a relief rally after the election of Emmanuel Macron as president

–          By the start of this week, France had raised 14% of the debt it needed this year…Germany, by comparison, had raised 15%, Spain 18% and Italy 22%

–          Smaller neighbours are further ahead: Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland and Ireland have all raised around one-third of their total annual funding needs


Answer: (1) Learn more about depression; (2) Express concern the right way (Prof Note: I have learned/am learning to embrace the pain of others.  Let them own it and acknowledge it…it is their pain); (3) Do not judge or criticize their behavior (Prof Note: remember that, for the most part, the only actions/behavior one controls is their own); (4) Encourage them to seek treatment; (5) Offer to help them plan for their first therapy visit; (6) Encourage them to stick with treatment; (7) Ask how you can help (Prof Note: I find this tricky.  Puts the responsibility on the wrong person.  Showing up is most important); (8) Offer to listen (Prof Note: Rather than “offering”, just listen); (9) Set clear boundaries (Prof Note: Another tricky issue…); (10) Point out the positives; (11) Watch for warning signs of suicide; (12) Make plans with them often (Prof Note: This can be tough as a depressed person can be a downer); (13) Practice Self-care; (14) Be patient; (15) Help them to reduce anxiety