21 January 2019 FT — Articles to Read

21 January 2019


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what are fifteen (15) surprising things that increase your risk of divorce?


US bank chiefs’ pay rises race ahead of their employees – Pg. 13

–        Average pay at the top six US banks is rising at a significantly lower rate than the increase enjoyed by some of their chief executives, as the spoils of Wall Street’s record profitability are shared unevenly between the industry’s elite and their underlings

–        Morgan Stanley has already published data showing James Gorman, chief executive, was awarded a 7% pay rise – to a total package of $29m – in a year when pay for his 60,300 workers fell by an average of almost 2% to just over $292,000 (Prof Note: Am I truly reading this correctly?!  The average pay for Morgan Stanley’s 60,300 employees is $292,000?  I would love to know the median!  Talk about skewing!)


Payday lenders and pawnshop chains win as federal workers seek to pay bills – Pg. 13

–        Critics say short-term lending can trap borrowers in cycles of debt (Prof Note: Basic amortization traps borrowers in cycles of debt with the huge front-load of interest)

–        Some 78% of US workers live from one pay cheque to the next, …


Answer: (1) Divorce runs in your family; (2) You’ve got lots of other options; (3) You got married too early…or too late; (4) Your partner is an extrovert; (5) You have your personal finances in order; (6) You had a baby before you got married; (7) You got a solid education; (8) Your kids are getting older; (9) Your spouse has been married before; (10) Your husband is a lot older; (11) You lived together before you got married; (12) You have some serious differences in education; (13) You and your partner share different beliefs; (14) Your partner ranks high for neuroticism; (15) You work with many members of the opposite sex