22 June 2018 FT — Articles to Read

22 June 2018

Question: According to money.cnn.com what percentage of Americans have no emergency savings at all?

Intel chief forced to step down for non-disclosure of employee affair – Pg. 1

–          ..forced to resign after it emerged that he did not disclose an affair with an employee, which was against company policy at the world’s largest chipmaker

–          (Prof Note: Come on people!  I get passions of the heart and passions of other things but really???!!!  Disclose or do not disrobe!  Mr Krzanich, was it really worth it?!)

–          It was unclear whether Mr Krzanich would miss out on a payment of more than $45m that he would otherwise have been entitled to, …

US shops triumph in court over online rivals – Pg. 2

–          Bricks-and-mortar retailers secured a big win over online rivals yesterday as the US Supreme Court overturned a ruling that had enabled many ecommerce groups to avoid collecting sales tax from customers

–          In a case with profound implications for the consumer economy, they justices ruled by 5-4 that US states had the right to levy tax on online sales even if the retailer did not have a store or warehouse in their territory

–          …Supreme Court ruled that a requirement that sales tax be tied to a retailer having a “physical presence” in a state was outdated and “unsound”

–          The rule, which overturned a 1992 judgment, was quickly celebrated by the representatives of traditional retailers such as Walmart and sent the shares of online stores lower

Answer: 25%