23 July 2019 FT — Articles to Read

23 July 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are ten (1) money flubs you need to fix in your 40s?


Fed case: Powell’s evidence for listless price growth seems incomplete – Pg. 11

  • …the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy, has been flashing a worrisome signal since the turn of the year. The core personal consumption expenditure index (PCE) has slowed considerably, having breached the central bank’s 2% target in July last year and hovered near those levels through to December


Shares on new China tech exchange surge up to 520% – Pg. 19

  • Shares rocketed by as much as 520% on the first day of trading for Shanghai’s science and technology-focused equities market in what the Chinese government will hope is a further sign of tis resilience in the face of its trade war with the US
  • Beijing hopes it will encourage investment in domestic tech companies and lead to more Chinese businesses listing at home rather than overseas as China tries to counter pressure on its tech industry from Washington, which this year blacklisted China’s sector champion, telecoms equipment maker Huawei
  • More than 140 tech and science companies have signed up to list their stocks on the new facility run by the Shanghai Stock Exchange,…
  • The Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges permit main board stock prices to move 44% on their first day of trading after which they are limited to moves of up to 10%
  • The new board is unique in China in the enticements it offers to attract tech companies to list, including allowing dual-class shares that preserve founders’ control. Investors are also permitted to short sell individual stocks, a practice forbidden elsewhere in the country’s markets


Answer: (1) Not saving enough; (2) Raiding retirement funds to pay for your children’s education; (3) Not having enough insurance; (4) Putting off estate planning; (5) Not talking with your parents about their finances; (6) Refinancing into another 30-year mortgage; (7) Having mortgage tunnel vision; (8) Letting credit card balances run amok; (9) Having a puny emergency fund; (10) Spending too much to remodel your home