24 September 2018 FT — Articles to Read

24 September 2018


Question: According to MSN:Lifestyle, what four (4) major signs, according to Wedding Planners, reveal a marriage won’t last?


Peking University’s Marxism society faces closure as students back workers – Pg. 1

–          China’s most prestigious university has threatened to close its student Marxist society amid a police crackdown on students supporting workers in a trade union dispute

–          Under China’s Communist party, Marxism has been part of the compulsory university curriculum for decades.  But universities are under pressure to embrace “Xi Jinping thought” as to the president strengthens his ideological control over the nation

–          The threat to close the society follows a summer of student and worker unrest in the Chinese manufacturing hub of Shenzhen


Global Economy – Pg. 7

–          After overtaking Germany as the world’s top exporter of goods in 2009, Chinese exports have grown at an average of 5% a year to $2.26tn in 2017, compared with annual global export growth below 2%

–          China’s share of manufacturing exports expanded from 12 to 18% during the past decade – adding to gains made after China’s 2001 entry to the WTO which accelerated the decline of manufacturing employment in developed countries

–          China is the dominant producer in medium high-tech industries, with global share nearly tripling in the past decade to 32%, …

–          Most of that growth has come from privately owned Chinese companies…

–          China’s share of the global capital goods market rose from 5% to 20% between 2007 and 2016, …

–          Average wages in China’s manufacturing sector have more than tripled in the past decade, putting them above Brazil and Mexico and forcing companies to increase productivity

–          There has also been technology transfer by developed-world companies and technology theft

–          In the past, one of the consolations of China’s export machine was the huge volume of components made in developed economies that it required.  China was a final-assembly point for components made elsewhere, known as the “processing” trade

–          Probably the most threatened by China’s move into mid-tech sectors are China’s east Asian neighbours


Women are missing form MBA case studies – Pg. 11

–          …Insead ….the cohort was an almost equal split between male and female students

–          The case method of teaching originated at law school – hence the name – but has been used by leading MBA programmes for decades

–          Leading business schools are under pressure to improve their performance in terms of providing teaching relevant to a more diverse student audience

–          …gender balance among MBA student intakes is already measured by rankings such as those compiled by the Financial Times.  The average percentage of women on MBA courses run by members of the Forte Foundation has grown from 28% to 38% in the 14 years since the non-profit body was founded


Answer: (1) The couple gets hammered at the wedding; (2) One partner embarrasses the other; (3) They don’t take their spouse’s needs or wants into account; (4) An ex is still hanging around