26 January 2019 FT — Articles to Read

26 January 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are several tax loopholes and strategies the rich do not want you to know?


Loss of men in Syria conflict drives women into workforce – Pg. 4

–        The government’s military campaign and sweeping conscription efforts have created a demographic crisis.  Of the nearly 500,000 people killed during the war, 80% were men…..which found male life expectancy fell from 70 years in 2010 to 48 by 2015.  Men aged 15-24 have experienced the sharpest decline in life expectancy

–        Women are now the primary breadwinners and carers in about one-third of Syrian households, …

–        More fundamentally, the absence of men has changed the labour force.  Before the war, just one-fifth of women worked….

–        With men in short supply, many employers have no option but to hire women


Hedge funds – Pg. 5

–        Rising pressures on fees, mounting regulatory and investor scrutiny and a trading environment that has tripped up many managers have caused several industry grandees to convert hedge funds into family offices – in practice private, unregistered hedge funds with no outside investors

–        Returns have been slowly fading for some time.  Hedge funds have made 3.4% on average a year since 2010, compared with 6.4% in the previous decade and 18.3% in their 1990s heyday, …

–        The industry historically charged “two and 20”, or a 2% annual management fee and 20% of profits, …

–        However, only 3% of hedge funds now charge a 2% management fee and 16% take a fifth of profits, …


Answer: (1) Deduct business expenses; (2) Hire your children; (3) Earn income from investments, not your job; (4) Sell Real Estate you inherit (Prof Note: Love the step-up!); (5) Buy whole life insurance; (6) Deduct theft and casualty losses; (7) Buy a yacht or a second home