27 February 2019 FT — Articles to Read

27 February 2019


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what are three (3) times it is OK to quit your job without another one lined up?


Powell flags up Fed’s concerns on slowing growth and Brexit – Pg. 2

–          Slowing growth in Europe and China and “elevated” uncertainty over Brexit and trade are continuing to weight on the Federal Reserve’s policy outlook, …even as he gave a broadly favourable health check to the US economy

–          ….central bank’s “patient” approach to interest rate changes, …

–          “Financial markets became more volatile towards year-end, and financial conditions are now less supportive of growth than they were earlier last year”

–          Mr Powell said some economic data had “softened” in the past two months, on the same morning that data showed a sharp decline in residential housing starts in December, as well as a deceleration in home-price growth (Prof Note: Can you say, “Fourth Quarter 2006”?)


Push to change brings uptick in female CEOs – Pg. 17

–          A lack of portfolio management expertise is sometimes blamed as a factor in holding women back from rising too high within investment companies.  Less than 5% of investment funds are run by female managers (Prof Note: I find it difficult to comprehend that so few women lack the management expertise.)


Short sellers betting on more Amazon pain for US retail – Pg. 21

–          …some of the biggest companies in the sector such as Walmart are reporting their healthiest metrics in years

–          Fears that the relentless growth of Amazon would obliterate much of the sector reached fever pitch in the summer of 2017…

–          Traditional chains are also trying to take on Amazon by improving their online offerings and making their stores more enticing.  Both require hefty investment…

–          (Prof Note: My personal experience with Amazon is getting to be frustration.  I cannot find what I want as there is so much.  I can go on Target’s website, find what I want, place in my cart, and pay for it with my Target card.  I strategically place the order when I know I will be driving by so there is no “shipping”.)


Answer: (1) Do you have no autonomy over your schedule?; (2) Is everyone going to know you are job hunting anyway?; (3) Is your current gig so soul-sucking it is killing your motivation?