27 May 2019 FT — Articles to Read

27 May 2019


Question: Which state in the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate?  Which states are numbers 2 and 3?


Trump tax relief boosts second-hand jet prices – Pg. 7

–          …taxpayers to immediately deduct 100% of the cost of new and second-hand aircraft bought between 2017 and 2027

–          …average prices in the broader second-hand jet market are still below the levels they were a decade ago


Growth concerns make many investors skeptical over Fed’s ability to lift inflation – Pg. 8

–          Some measures of US inflation remain stubbornly low, despite low unemployment, tariff pressures on prices and the central bank halting interest rate rises

–          The 10-year break-even rate – a measure of the market’s inflation expectations – has now sunk to just 1.8%, from a peak of 1.98% earlier this year

–          India’s benchmark indices hit record highs last week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi secured a thumping victory in the country’s general election


Goldman taps United Capital in assault on wealth market – Pg. 8

–          Goldman Sachs will use newly acquired United Capital to speed up its assault on middle America’s wealth management market, deploying an army of investment advisers to target the employees of corporate clients

–          Goldman manages about $40bn of the estimated $28tn in assets held in the US by the “mass affluent”, a term that describes individuals or households with between $500,000 and $10m in investable assets

–          The expansion into this market puts the bank in direct competition with brokerages such as Charles Schwab, as well as its traditional trading house rival Morgan Stanley


Answer: Oklahoma (1,079/100,000 residents); Louisiana and Mississippi are numbers 2 and 3, respectfully