3 June 2019 FT — Articles to Read

3 June 2019


Question: What percentage of all jail deaths occur within a week of being jailed?


China blames US ‘coercion’ as FedEx probe raises trade tensions – Pg. 1

–          China has accused the US of “resorting to intimidation and coercion” as it stepped up its trade war counter-offensive with increased tariffs on $60bn of American goods and a probe into US delivery group FedEx

–          Last week Huawei accused the Memphis-based delivery company of diverting packages destined for its offices in China to the US.  FedEx said it will co-operate fully with the investigation, and has reportedly apologized for what it said was an error


Brazil Congress ready to enact pension reform – Pg. 3

–          The reform, unpopular with Brazilians because it raises retirement ages, is widely seen as key to restoring the health of Latin America’s biggest economy by saving the public finances $225bn over the next decade

–          With public debt forecast by the IMF to reach 90% of GDP this year, the pensions overhaul would go some way to restoring confidence in Brazil’s fiscal position and wooing foreign investors


Blunders take US clothing stores down a peg – Pg. 7

–          Profit warnings and disappointing sales from US retailers have left Wall Street questioning the financial health of the American Consumer, yet executives in many cases blame their companies’ own errors, from botched promotions to misjudged fashion offerings


Younger finance workers wat to back sustainable development – Pg. 17

–          Part of the problem is that senior managers are disconnected from younger generations within their organizations who want to have a positive impact on the world

–          If sustainable finance becomes mainstream finance, it will provide a greater sense of purpose to an increasingly disillusioned workforce and create an industry that is truly committed to building a better future


Answer: 40.0%