30 November 2018 FT — Articles to Read

30 November 2018


Question: According to MSN, Lifestyle, what are 17 surprising signs your hair will go gray?


Deutsche Bank raided by police probing dirty money allegations – Pg. 1

–          …broad criminal investigation into alleged money laundering

–          …carried out in the bank’s wealth management division…

–          The investigation was triggered by documents published in 2013 and 2016 as part of the so-called Panama Papers and “offshore leaks” disclosures, where millions of records detailing use of tax havens to shield wealth were passed to a consortium of journalists


Trump’s former lawyer admits lying – Pg. 2

–          …pleaded guilty yesterday to lying about the work he did for the US president on a Moscow real estate deal….

–          (Prof Note: It is never worth it.  Prosecutors must get lucky one day to find the guilty, the guilty must get lucky every day that the prosecutors do not find them.)


Australia’s central bank hit by scandal – Pg. 4

–          The Reserve Bank of Australia has admitted that two subsidiaries were fined a record A$22m in 2012 for offering bribes to foreign officials in a decade-long scandal that was the subject of court suppression orders until this week

–          Charges linked to the scandal involved conspiracies to bribe officials in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam between 1999 and September 2004


Federal Reserve attack is just a distraction – Pg. 9

–          When the Fed chair modified his tone – fractionally – on policy, noting that rates were “just below” levels that would be neutral for growth and inflation, the stock markets soared as investors concluded that he was changing course after Mr Trump’s broadside

–          …Fed officials had been saying for a couple of weeks that they find it very hard right now to see where the “neutral rate” should be, and thus how much further rates should rise

–          …risky corporate debt has surged and “highly leveraged borrowers would surely face distress if the economy turned down”.  Another was the raging debate about how fast the Fed should reduce its balance sheet.  This is receiving little or no public attention…

–          Investors should also consider the relative silence around the fact that the US deficit is nearly the $1tn mark for the first time in history and recent signs that that the US recovery is softening.  Consumer confidence and house sales have declined and US farmers are suffering as soyabeans rot in silos, amid the trade war with China


US dividends trail rest of world despite tax cuts – Pg. 12

–          Stripping out special dividends and currency swings, payouts rose by an underlying 7.3% in the third quarter of 2018, …

–          The $120bn returned to shareholders in the period set a record, but the underlying growth rate was lower compared with a global pace of 9.2%, and far behind the 28.2% rise in US earnings…

–          Companies have used the largest share of the windfalls from the tax reforms to buy back their own shares.

–          Buybacks…increase earnings per share, allow companies to smooth volatility in their stock and send a message that boards think their stock is undervalued…

–          US groups also favour buybacks because of their tax treatment: investors pay taxes on dividends in the year they receive they but can defer paying taxes on share gains until they sell


Answer: (1) You’re a natural redhead (Prof Note: My hair remains Auburn…War Eagle!); (2) You are Caucasian; (3) You have had chemotherapy; (4) Your constantly stressed; (5) You smoke; (6) You are missing key nutrients in your diet; (7) You have diabetes, pernicious anemia, or thyroid problems; (8) You are failing to care for your scalp; (9) Your parents went gray early; (10) You have vitiligo; (11) You have alopecia areata; (12) You shed hair often (Prof Note: I still remember my freshman year roommate.  My date had long blond hair and she was always brushing it (I mean CONSTANTLY).  My roommate would then take the hair from my brush, after she left, and put it in an envelope.  He would, this is NO joke, take it out when he wore a dark shirt or jacket and throw on his shouder.  I will admit I thought it a novel idea.); (13) You have heart disease; (14) You are over the age of 50; (15) Your hair is more coarse than before; (16) You have experienced trauma; (17) You spend too much time in the sun)