18 May 2019 FT — Articles to Read

18 May 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are ten (10) things retirees should never keep in their wallets?


Global economy – Pg. 5

–          The fact that US growth held firm even after past rounds of tariffs sent tremors through financial markets emboldened the president to take a tougher line in the talks with China

–          …unless a deal is reached soon, the US economy will bear the brunt of the new and higher tariffs, which will act as an extra tax on a wide gamut of products, form construction materials to farm equipment and electronics

–          …estimate that if a 25% tariffs is extended to all of China’s exports to the US, it could deliver a 0.5% knock to the level of American GDP next year

–          The blow to China would be greater if all of its exports to the US are taxed at a 25% level, in part.  Whereas the US exported $120bn of goods to China last year, China is far more reliant on the US, shopping $540bn of goods to the US.  The hit in 2020 to Chinese GDP, which has already sown some weakness in recent months, would be 1.3% under this scenario


Global fund houses gear up to tap China’s rare growth story – Pg. 11

–          Assets under management in China should grow to $9.3bn by 2023, from about $5.3tn now…

–          That would make it the world’s second largest investment market, after the US

–          Late in 2017 China allowed foreign companies to take a 51% stake in the joint ventures they operate – a threshold that will rise to full ownership in 2021.  These JVs, which allow investment companies to sell mutual funds in the country, are often run in conjunction with a state-owned bank or firm.  The other option is to set up a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, which is limited to unlisted investment products


Answer: (1) Wads of cash; (2) Social Security Card; (3) Password Cheat Sheet; (4) Spare keys; (5) Blank Checks; (6) Passport; (7) Multiple credit cards (Prof Note: Guilty!); (8) Birth Certificate; (9) A stack of receipts (Prof Note: Guilty!); (10) Medicare Card