4 August 2018 FT — Articles to Read

4 August 2018

Question: According to MSN|Money, CNBC, how does one avoid becoming a human ATM?


Static US wage growth adds to argument for rate rise caution – Pg. 4

–          Solid hiring by US employers failed to boost the annual rate of wage growth in July, feulling arguments for the Federal Reserve to tread carefully as it raises rates

–          Unemployment dropped to 3.9%.  a broader measure of labour market strength that includes people who are in part-time work but want a full-time position was just 7.5%, a full point below where it was a year earlier and its lowest level since 2001

–          …wage growth flatlines at 2.7%

–          The Fed is widely expected to move rates up by another quarter-point next month as it continues its gradual process towards tighter policy


Trial paints Manafort as big spender – Pg. 4

–          The prosecution has sought to paint Mr Manafort as a man who lied to dodge taxes when times were good and lied to obtain bank loans when times were bad

–          Mr Manafort is the first person to be tried in Mr Mueller’s investigation into alleged links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government (Prof Note: How is Mr Manafort involved with the Russians?  How are these charges related to Mueller’s investigation?  I am NOT saying Mr Manafort is guilty/not guilty, I just do not see the connection!)

–          The allegations concern some $60m Mr Manafort earned between 2005 and 2014 in Ukraine…


Answer: (1) Ask what it is for (Prof Note: If someone asks you for $$$, be certain you understand the need.  Do not be frightened to pay the bill directly.  Also, be certain the money is not being used to buoy an unsustainable lifestyle); (2) Feel free to say no; (3) Set terms; (4) Accept that you might never get it back (Prof Note: While not for everyone, consider funding a Foundation.  This way your philanthropic goals are met and you can address the ask with, “Please contact my Foundation for a donation.”)