4 June 2018 FT — Articles to Read

4 June 2018

List-Serve Comment: I received a huge response to the 2Jun18 50 most common regrets people have in their 50s.  One common theme that was replied to me as a surprise it was not in the list was, ‘Not asking for assistance when it was needed or in times of struggle.’  As commentary to this reply (which I agree 100.0%), I want to add that at the beginning of my 5-year legal battle which began with the killing of by my namesakes, i.e. Roger I and Roger II, and forged estate documents, I sought assistance from many people.  Everyone I asked provided assistance in the form they could.  From Bob R checking in every few weeks, “Roger, are you ok?” to clients and organizations providing more work to allow me to finance the Dream Team for Estate Cases from cash flow rather than savings.  One person I would like to call out at this moment was “Shirley”.  Her son was murdered by his wife and his estate documents forged.  Shirley spent her life savings fighting for justice for her son and eventually the former wife and witnesses wore orange to the ball.  I found Shirley on the internet as she is an avid blogger and asked for help.  Help she did!  She guided me through the process, understanding the emotion, understanding the lies I was being told by some lawyers (YES, LIES!), guiding me to not take the poor advice by my local counsel.  Shirley accepted no payment, all she wants(ed) was/is justice in the world and, of course, her son back.  The point of the list-serve, which I 100.0% support, ask for assistance when you need it.  Life is hard enough, there are people that want to assist!  I want to assist!!!

A suggested book from a list-serve member whom I greatly respect is below.  I have not read the book but value this persons opinion highly.

“Roger, suggested reading for those who are unhappy with their life.  The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson.  This follows my own experience of Not Giving A Fuck and find life more fulfilling.”

Question: According to BestLife on MSN, What does one wish they had known prior to cheating on their spouse?

Genetic test can spare breast cancer sufferers the trauma of chemotherapy – Pg. 1

  • Hundreds of thousands of women with early-stage breast cancer are set to be spared chemotherapy, following the publication of a groundbreaking study showing that they derive no benefit from the grueling treatment
  • They can be treated solely with a milder hormone therapy
  • The breakthrough is the latest example of how “precision medicine” is transforming the treatment of cancer, as doctors use sophisticated genetic testing to match patients with the appropriate drugs tor to spare them the pain of unpleasant therapies altogether

Stanford to add ethics to its technology teaching – Pg. 4

  • Stanford alumni have created some of the world’s most powerful technology companies, such as Google, Cisco and Sun Microsystems, many of which are founded and still operate from near its campus in Palo Alto, CA
  • While university courses including medicine and business offer ethics as part of their curricula, engineering and computer science remain focused on technical issues

China’s surge into London property slows to a trickle – Pg. 13

  • Chinese investment into central London real estate has dropped to its lowest level in two and a half years as an influx of cash from mainland China and Hong Kong slows to a trickle
  • “Trophy” office-building acquisition in the UK were among those in Chinese regulators’ sights, ….which predicted that investment volumes form the country into the UK would halve in 2018 compared with last year

Answer: (1) You have to get married for the right reasons; (2) Staying for the kids doesn’t help anyone; (3) The longer you wait to confess, the worst things get; (4) Cheating doesn’t necessarily break up the family; (5) It’s better to leave before anyone gets hurt