4 September 2018 FT — Articles to Read

4 September 2018


Comment from List-serve participation (w/ permission): Viewing a home for sale.


The neighborhood!  Loved your earlier recommendation to check it out during off-times – like late at night during the work week.

Purchased my home when the community was new and thriving.  Everything was perfect. Now, not so much.  The neighborhood is a hot mess of an abandoned property, renters who don’t take care of anything because they can’t or don’t have/want to, drug-addicted family (told to me personally, not just conjecture) with 8+ children who think screaming outside the home at all hours is normal., people with an extraordinary amount of junk in their backyard…… If I was selling my house, I probably wouldn’t mention any of these things.  Why would I?  And I’m not sure any potential buyer would notice it.  They’d be too busy looking at the kitchen cabinets or the garage.  The neighborhood is extremely important!


Question: According to MSN: Health & Fitness, what 20 things should be packed in a first-aid kit?


Brazil mourns lost treasures after museum blaze – Pg. 3

–          Among the millions of items on display were the fossil of the first known Brazilian woman, known as Luzia; Egyptian mummies and Etruscan vases; imperial archives; and native Indian artefacts.  It was to Brazil what the British Museum is to the UK or the Smithsonian to the US

–          The government costs as much to run a developed country, without delivering the same quality of services in education, security and health

–          The failing public services, corruption and slow economic recovery are fueling the rise of political radicalism, …

–          The museum was established 200 years ago by King Dom Joao VI.  The collection, which was partly assembled by the Brazilian royal family, included an extensive dinosaur fossil exhibit

–          (Prof Note: Such a loss to the global community)


Technology – Pg. 7

–          …board game Go, …enthralled by the 2016 contest between the world’s top player and a computer – a milestone in the history of artificial intelligence

–          People are limited in the range of possibilities they can perceive and analyze, forcing them to think inside “boxes”….

–          Humans rely on a mix of experience and intuition when tackling a problem too complex for them to analyze completely…

–          Quantum machines, which tap into the weirdness of quantum mechanics – a branch of physics that deals with the behavior of sub-atomic particles – are a long-held dream in the tech world.  By harnessing properties that extend beyond the limits of classical Newtonian physics, they hold the promise of exponential gains in computing power

–          Quantum machines are particularly well suited to certain types of probabilistic algorithms, …calculations that don’t proceed through a logical sequence of steps, like those carried out by today’s so-called classical computers, but instead rely on a certain element of chance to alight on the best result

–          A third area of focus involves complex optimization problems that have too many variables for today’s computers


NJ state fund feels heat over Toys R Us – Pg. 12

–          At a meeting this month, ex-workers plan to urge state officials to reconsider New Jersey’s relationship with Solus Alternative Asset Management if the hedge fund fails to provide hardship money for workers who lost their jobs

–          Solus, which has managed $300m for the New Jersey State Investment Council since 2014, was among creditors that forced Toys R Us into liquidation.  That fell hard on New Jersey, leading to 1,000 job losses at the chain’s HQ in the state and hundreds more at a nearby distribution centre and 25 stores

–          When Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in September 2017, Solus was among creditors that provided “debtor-in-possession” financing, allowing the retailer to run while executives sought a buys (Prof Note: DiP financing is a super-senior form of debt, i.e. Solus has minimal risk or not receiving the funds back)

–          (Prof Note: This is huge, in my opinion.  My opinion is still being formed on this issue re: worker’s rights.)


Answer: (1) Hand sanitizer; (2) Latex-free gloves; (3) Nonstick adhesive pads; (4) Gauze pads; (5) Assorted self-stick bandages; (6) Butterfly Closures; (7) Cloth tape; (8) Self-adhesive gauze; (9) Irrigation syringe; (10) Antiseptic; (11) Antibiotic ointment; (12) Itch reliever; (13) Instant cold compress; (14) Digital thermometer; (15) OTC pain relievers; (16) Oral Antihistamines; (17) Stomach meds; (18) Scissors; (19) Tweezers; (20) Cotton scarf