5 August 2019 FT — Articles to Read

5 August 2019


Question: What are the three basic measures of risk?


Assets shaken by Trump crackdown and Brexit uncertainty as data point to slowing growth – Pg. 8

  • …Donald Trump unveiled a 10% tariff on $300bn worth of Chinese goods. Equities, US bond yields and oil prices tumbled, while China’s renminbi weakened to its lowest level this year
  • Investors clearly think the news will raise growth worries at the Fed – expectations for a rate cut at the bank’s September meeting zoomed from about 60% to more than 95%…
  • …investors are gearing up for increased gilt issuance as the government increases borrowing to pay for Mr Johnson’s pledges of more police officers, hospitals and railway lines,….
  • Despite the weakness of 30-year UK debt, outright borrowing costs have still fallen


US ‘super dean’ offers lesson in integration – Pg. 9

  • The 66-year-old has several ground-breaking achievements to his name. In 1999, during this first deanship, at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, Mr Snyder secured a $60m donation from Frank Batten, founder of the Weather Channel
  • Mr Snyder then moved to Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where he was in charge when it received another record-setting gift to a business school – $300m from the investor David Booth
  • His fundraising skills have enabled Yale to grow its endowment fund from $536m to $861m, making it the sixth largest among business schools worldwide and the second largest per faculty member
  • Business schools have a reputation for sitting apart from other academic disciplines on university campuses
  • Mr Snyder measures his success by another change – the clothing of students in the business school. “After moving into this wonderful building, I was walking up the stairs and I saw these young people who looked like they had just gotten out of bed in pyjamas”, he recalls.  “They were Yale undergraduates from other parts of the university coming in for an 8.30am class and I thought to myself this is really cool.”
  • (Prof Note: It has only been in the past decade where I fully appreciated and understood that a Dean’s #1 priority was NOT the students but fund raising. While I understanding, I am saddened.  The ideology of a University, I thought, was for betterment of the students.)


Answer: (1) Range; (2) Variance; (3) Standard Deviation