6 December 2018 FT — Articles to Read

6 December 2018


Answer: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what are nine (9) foolish mistakes that will ruin your next airplane flight?


US and China bolster trade truce message in bid to soothe markets – Pg. 1

–          Beijing and Washington yesterday sought to reassure shaken markets that their trade ceasefire could lead to a lasting peace after a global sell-off exposed widespread investor fears that a G20 deal lacked any substantive agreement

–          Beijing has insisted it is moving to liberalize its foreign investment rules and crack down on intellectual property theft


Flexibility takes global jobless rate to lowest since 1980 – Pg. 4

–          Global unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in almost 40 years, a breakthrough economists attribute to changes including more flexible working practices, lower wages and rock-bottom interest rates

–          The worldwide unemployment rate has dropped from 8% of the workforce in 2010 to 5.2% in September, the lowest level since 5% in 1980…

–          The survey covered 48 developed and emerging economies which between them account for about 84% of global output

–          The IMF has also forecast that the unemployment rate in advanced economies will fall to 5.2% this year, the lowest level since the 1970s

–          In only a handful of countries – Greece, Italy, Spain and South Africa – was unemployment more than 2% higher than pre-crisis level of December 2007


Tariff and rate tightening fears return to haunt investors – Pg. 21

–          The market reprieve triggered by the US Federal Reserve’s perceived dovish turn on rate rises and a tentative Sino-American entente on trade has proven short-lived, setting investors up for a nail-biting end to an already stressful year

–          Last week, the US stock market had its best weekly performance since 2011.  But the S&P 500 on Tuesday suffered one of its biggest one-day declines of recent years, sliding more than 3% in an unnerving and accelerating sell-off

–          Two of the primary bugbears that have plagued financial markets this year remain: fears over rising interest rates and concerns over trade

–          The difference between two- and 10-year Treasury yields dropped into single digits for the first time in more than a decade on Tuesday.  This is one measure of the US yield curve – the line created by plotting all the interest rates for ascending maturity Treasuries on a graph

–          Futures suggest one more increase in 2019 could bring the climb in US interest rates to its summit

–          Tomorrow’s data on US employment and wage growth will be the next test….


Answer: (1) Failing to dress for the occasion; (2) Not staying hydrated; (3) Not preparing to entertain yourself; (4) Overlooking your airline choices; (5) Forgetting to pack sleep aids; (6) Sitting for too long; (7) Not picking your seats early; (8) Refusing to upgrade; (9) Packing too much