6 February 2019 FT — Articles to Read

6 February 2019


Question: According to MSN: Lifestyle, what are 20 things to master before you turn 50?


Trump set to choose globalism critic as World Bank nominee – Pg. 3

–        While he opposed “isolationism”, Mr Malpass told a congressional panel that “globalism and multilateralism” had gone “substantially too far”

–        If Donald Trump has his way, Mr Malpass will become the next president of the World Bank, giving him the most high-profile, if not powerful, job in global development

–        The post has traditionally gone to the US nominee, as part of an unwritten agreement in which a European leads the IMF and a Japanese candidate runs the Asian Development Bank


Fed’s Powell uses White House dinner to restate impartiality – Pg. 3

–        Mr Powell reiterated at the dinner that the Fed would make its decisions based “solely on careful, objective and non-political analysis”…


Education – Pg. 7

–        …widening debate about the value of higher education for the growing proportion of the population studying at university at a time of escalating costs

–        Few countries beyond the US match the extent to which English higher education has been turned into a business over the past two decades

–        Debts incurred during a typical three-year undergraduate course now average more than 50,000 (sterling)/student.  Government calculations suggest only 30% of full-time students in England, beginning in 2017, will fully repay their loans

–        Student debt in the US has spiraled to a record $1.5tn…

–        Leaks of options being examined include cutting the current annual 9,250 (sterling) in fees by a third; trimming the standard university course from three years to two; imposing higher entry requirements; and a wholesale shift in focus to encourage more students to study vocationally oriented courses in further education colleges


US student debt ‘Unsustainable’ increase in costs faces scrutiny – Pg. 7

–        Tuition and living costs at prestigious institutions such as Harvard have spiraled to more than $70,000 a year

–        Moody’s, ….warned in December of a “negative” outlook for US higher education, predicting that a growing number of small colleges would close


Answer: (1) Mentoring someone; (2) Apologizing; (3) Spending time alone; (4) Detecting a lie; (5) Tempering your relationship expectations; (6) Managing Stress; (7) Speaking up for yourself; (8) Listening without talking; (9) Working with someone you do not like; (10) Negotiating; (11) Establishing a regular sleep schedule; (12) Making small talk at parties; (13) Finding and sticking to an exercise routine you enjoy; (14) Finding your career ‘sweet spot’; (15) Saving for retirement; (16) Investing in relationships; (17) Saying ‘no’ to people; (18) Keeping a clutter-free home; (19) Practicing hobbies; (20) Making new friends