6 November 2018 FT — Articles to Read

6 November 2018


Question: What are 10 cities where your retirement rent is under $1,000 a month?


Italy pressed to redraft budget in line with Brussels’ rules – Pg. 2

–        Under EU rules, Italy has until November 13 to submit revised proposals but figures such as Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister, have pledged to fight for the existing plans even though they would raise the budget deficit to 2.4% of GDP in 2019


BoJ governor hints at shift to period of monetary tightening – Pg. 4

–        …clearest signal yet that the years of massive monetary stimulus are over and his next move will be towards tighter fiscal policy

–        Consumer prices, excluding volatile fresh food and energy, were up by 0.4% compared with a year ago in September

–        Japan’s economy has enjoyed several years of above trend growth, except for a stumble in 2014-15 when consumption tax rose from 5 to 8%.  However, inflation has remained sluggish

–        He reiterated his pledge to keep interest rates extremely low for “an extended period of time”


Greece probes Chinese housebuyers – Pg. 4

–        Greece’s central bank is investigating a series of unusual transactions by Chinese citizens who used their credit cards to buy property in Athens and join the EU country’s flourishing “golden visa” scheme

–        The golden visa scheme was introduced in 2013 at the height of Greece’s financial crisis in a bid to increase tax revenues and stem a dramatic fall in property prices

–        The probe comes as the cash-strapped Syriza government debates whether to extend the scheme to other investments such Greek sovereign bonds and companies listed on the Athens stock exchange


Answer: (1) Mesa, AZ ($880); (2) Pensacola, FL ($813); (3) Lincoln, Neb ($810); (4) Rochester, NY ($775); (5) Detroit, MI ($650); (6) El Paso, TX ($634); (7) Tucson, AZ ($620); (8) Tulsa, OK ($599); (9) Fort Wayne, Ind ($500); (10) Toledo, OH ($475)