7 February 2019 FT — Articles to Read

7 February 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are six (6) ways to keep a stellar credit score in retirement?


Past five years hottest on record worldwide – Pg. 4

–        Global warming has made the past five years the hottest on record, with 2018 being the fourth-warmest since modern records began,…

–        …forecast that 2019 would be warmer than last year, and that the next five years would form part of the warmest decade on record

–        In the US, there were 14 “billion-dollar disasters” last year including Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael…

–        The earth has already warmed up by about 1C since pre-industrial times, and almost all the countries in the world have pledged to limit global warming to less than 2C – a level that would require drastically cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions


Litigation – Pg. 7

–        Under the common law system in the US, Britain and several other countries, the validity of legal arguments depends heavily on precedent

–        The march towards data-driven justice has one big flaw: most of the data are missing.  The vast majority of civil litigation, possibly 90%, is dropped or settled out of court, which means the documents from the case are never made public.  The reasons is financial…


Answer: (1) Have a least one credit card; (2) Separate your credit accounts if you are divorcing; (3) Guard your cards; (4) Refuse to co-sign (Prof Note: Contingent liabilities are DANGEROUS!  Be very careful and remember the adage, “No good deed goes unpunished”); (5) Be vigilant for ID theft; (6) Don’t overdo it