7 May 2019 FT — Articles to Read

7 May 2019


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are the Pros/Cons of having a mortgage?


EU failure to entice rich nations to ‘catastrophe’ – Pg. 4

–          The EU needs to “look in the mirror” and work out why it is failing to attract the continent’s most prosperous countries to play a full part in the union….

–          …”catastrophe” that countries such as Norway did not want to join the EU, others such as Denmark were opting out of projects such as the euro, while Britain was set to leave

–          …looking loss of the UK, the Netherlands has sought other allies to fight for a smaller EU budget and more deregulated single market


Short sellers’ growing bets against Lyft cast long shadow over rival Uber’s IPO – Pg. 11

–          As of Friday, more than 19m Lyft shares – about 60% of the free-float – were on loan, indicating that the stock is subject to heavy short selling, …

–          Short sellers, who borrow shares in anticipation of the stock price falling, have been increasing their bets against the company over the past two weeks, …

–          Lyft has been dogged by heavy short selling since it listed…


Answer: Pro: Having a mortgage can help boost your credit score; Con: Your house will cost you more in the long run (Prof Note: I though debt was a lower cost of capital than equity?!); Con: It puts pressure on you in retirement (Prof Note: Only if misunderstood and not planned); Pro: You might get a tax deduction; Con:  Mortgage creates uncertainty in your life (Prof Note: Not correct.  In my opinion, the mortgage can be grounding and provide focus for the family to work harder)