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Halloween 2018


Question: According to MSN: Money, what are 10 ways to invest in cannibas?


Trump challenges birthright citizenship – Pg. 2

–        Under the current interpretation of the US constitution, American law considers people born in the US to the citizens regardless of whether or not their parents were in the country legally

–        The constitutional amendment establishing that right was ratified in 1868, and verified by an 1898 Supreme Court decision which declares that a boy, born to Chinese parents, was a citizen, because his parents were residing in the US at that time

–        In fact, the US is one of several countries that bestow automatic birthright citizenship.  Other countries to do so include Canada and Mexico

–        Using the executive order to end birthright would probably spark a constitutional fight, with the Supreme Court serving as the ultimate arbiter on the executive order, and how it relates to the 14th Amendment, which was passed as part of post-civil war legislation that secured the rights of former African-American slaves


Eurozone slowdown clouds ECB easing strategy – Pg. 2

–        The Eurozone is growing at its slowest pace for more than four years, raising the pressure on the ECB to reassess whether the bloc’s economy has enough fuel in the tank to cope with plans to end the institution’s crisis-era stimulus

–        Italy, the eurozone’s third-largest economy, ground to a half in the third quarter, while France accelerated to 0.4%, from 0.2% in each of the previous two quarters

–        The Eurozone expanded 2.4% in 2017, its fastest pace in a decade and one that the ECB initially believed the single currency union could replicate this year too.  The institution has since revised down growth to 2%

–        The central bank has so far argued that strong growth in 2017 has created jobs and lifted wages, and that this in turn will boost consumer spending

–        With interest rates set to remain on hold at record lows “through the summer” of 2019, and the ECB set to spend 200bn (euro) on bond purchases in the first nine months of the year as part of its reinvestment programme, policymakers have also stressed that monetary policy would remain exceptionally loose by historical standards, and long past the end of QE


Smaller US lenders feel chill despite healthy results – Pg. 16

–        The market for small bank stocks in the US has been growing weaker since the summer.  Regional bank indices are down 12% in the past four months, compared with a 4% fall for the big national banks and 8% for small-cap stock indices


Answer: (1) Cannabis growers; (2) Royalty streaming companies; (3) Real Estate; (4) Suppliers; (5) Distributors; (6) Retailers and dispensaries; (7) Technology providers; (8) Partners; (9) Cannabinoid-focused biotechs; (10) Exchange-Traded funds (ETFs)