Book: Real Estate Financial Modelling

Real Estate Financial Modelling Book CoverFoundations of Real Estate Financial Modelling introduces students and professionals to the basics of real estate finance theory before providing a step-by-step guide for financial model construction using Excel. Foundations of Real Estate Financial Modelling is specifically designed to provide an overview of pro forma modelling for real estate projects. A recurring theme in the book is the idea that real estate is an asset with unique characteristics which can be transformed, both physically and financially.

Individual chapters are separated by functional unit and build upon themselves to include information on:

  • Amortization
  • Single-Family Unit
  • Multi-Family Unit
  • Development/Construction Addition(s)
  • Waterfall (Equity Bifurcation)
  • Accounting Statements
  • Additional Asset Classes

Further chapters are dedicated to risk quantification and include scenario, stochastic and Monte Carlo simulations, waterfalls and securitized products. This book is the ideal companion to core real estate finance textbooks and will boost students Excel modelling skills before they enter the workplace. The book provides individuals with a step-by-step instruction on how to construct a real estate financial model that is both scalable and modular.

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“Foundations of Real Estate Financial Modelling taught me more than I ever expected. From giving a great introduction to various real estate topics in the first part of the book, to giving clear explanations of formulas used in the models, I felt very comfortable with the material even though this was my first time learning this topic. Thank you to Roger and the team for a job well done. This has given me a great basis and understanding of real estate financial modelling.”

Adam, American University

“LEARNED A TON!!! The book provides step by step instruction on how to build a clean but powerful model. I wish my professor would have used this book in class. I am pleased with my purchase and continue to use it as a reference.”

John, Georgetown University

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