Whether developing customized financial models or providing back office support through staff training, the P(Gain) team believes in educating and collaborating with our clients to improve their understanding and their position. We work with our clients to help them achieve their unique goals through an ongoing partnership. Our shared goal as an organization, which ties directly back to our roots in academics, is the sharing of knowledge and useful deliverables that truly benefit our clients.


Back office support icon

Back Office Support

P(Gain) partners with our clients to serve as back office support, in all the roles that encompasses, in order to help them achieve their objectives.

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Financial Modelling & Structuring

The P(Gain) team of advisors are globally-recognized authorities on financial modelling and forecasting using the two leading structures: MS Excel and Argus platforms.

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Portfolio assessment icon

Portfolio Assessment & Optimization

P(Gain) can perform a strategic portfolio assessment and deliver a plan to optimize your portfolio based on our findings.

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Forensic reviews of joint ventures icon

Forensic Reviews of Joint Ventures

When the need for independent, forensic evaluation of a joint venture arises, finding the right team of professionals to deliver insight comes down to trust and expertise.

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Capital structuring icon

Capital Structuring

By understanding the goals of your organization, the P(Gain) team can develop capital structuring that is uniquely positioned to maximize your results.

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Municipality support icon

Municipality Support

When decision makers who answer to the tax payers in their municipality need answers, the P(Gain) team can provide unique and thoughtful insight.

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Estate Consultation

For multi-generational property owners, whether new to commercial real estate ownership or well-versed and ready to step into the business operations, our goal is to help you make smarter decisions through knowledge and data.

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