Back Office Support

P(Gain) partners with our clients to serve as back office support, in all the roles that encompasses, in order to help them achieve their objectives. We are committed to the success of our clients, and we know that success is directly tied to the support and ongoing education we deliver.

Project Underwriting

Project underwriting serves as a compass to guide investment decisions moving forward. We do more than simply establish the risk, hypothetical cash flows, and potential returns. The P(Gain) team is globally recognized for their mastery of real estate financial modelling. This acumen, combined with the perspective of our breadth of professional experience, means we know how to structure investment underwriting to align with your unique needs.

Staff Training

No matter how precise the financial model, we understand that our clients derive the most value from the increased knowledge that comes from support and education. As renowned educators in the field of real estate investment, the P(Gain) team has more than just mastery of the market and the principles that inform our decisions. We also understand what it takes to implement these principles in real world settings, and coach your staff towards making better decisions based on data.  We can see to it that everyone from entry-level real estate professionals to senior members of an organization learn, develop, and further their knowledge to serve your organizational goals. In addition to hosting online and in-house training seminars, we also provide custom financial modelling training dependent upon specific client needs.

Office building at dusk
P(Gain) was responsible for underwriting, assisting with financing, optimization of product mix, and negotiation/valuation of the third-party master lease on Baumhaus – a multi-family property in Pittsburgh, PA.

What Can You Gain with Improved Back Office Support?

With in-house Real Estate Financial Analysts in high demand and commanding high salaries, outsourcing underwriting and financial model creation can significantly reduce costs.

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