Capital Structuring

The P(Gain) team provides select clientele with services for sourcing and structuring their capital for optimal deployment within their projects. By understanding the primary goals of your organization, the P(Gain) team can develop allocation of equity, preferred positions, mezzanine and traditional debt structures within your capital source to maximize results.

P(Gain) underwrites all projects nationally for a U.S. Opportunity Zone Fund (Fund size: $100.0m+) and is responsible for underwriting all asset classes within U.S. national opportunity fund zones. P(Gain) provides pre- and post-tax analysis to investors. In addition, P(Gain) has developed waterfalls for at both the project and fund level(s) for both general and limited partners.

Specializing in Capital Structuring for:

  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments New Development
  • Private Hard-Money (Short and Medium Term)
  • Velocity (Non-Rehab Wholesale, Short Sales, Tax & HOA Liens)
  • Syndicated Equity
  • Syndicated Debt
Exterior of an apartment building
P(Gain) was responsible for recapitalization of this project, underwriting, and investor/lender financial modelling, and pro forma development.

Capital Structuring to Maximize Gains