Estate Consultation

Inheriting an estate can be fraught with obstacles and confusion without a trusted advisor to guide you through the process. For multi-generational property owners, whether new to commercial real estate ownership or well-versed and ready to step into the business operations, our goal is to help you make smarter decisions through knowledge and data.

Assessment & Consultation

Understanding your situation starts with a thorough evaluation of your newly inherited assets, their value, and potential tax implications. The P(Gain) team does more than just assess an estate’s value – we work with you to expand your knowledge to guide your next steps with the estate.

Considering Tax Implications

Commercial real estate is potentially subject to capital gains tax if the new owner has held the property long enough to show an appreciation in value. This concept is often overlooked and can have major tax implications without a trusted advisor to guide you through the process.

Developing a Plan — Long-Term & Short-Term Objectives

Whether you’re looking to retain the property and maximize income, evaluate your options for accessing equity, or determine opportunities to sell, you need a plan to meet your objectives.

Gain Knowledge to Guide Estate Decisions