Forensic Reviews of Joint Ventures

When the need for independent, forensic evaluation of a joint venture arises, finding the right team of professionals to deliver insight comes down to trust and expertise. If there are unexplained variances or discrepancies between revenues and profits, or if you have unanswered questions, the P(Gain) team can provide the insight you need to understand these discrepancies and create an action plan to move forward.

Solid Information, Substantial Insight

Taking an integrated approach to forensic reviews allows us to deliver solid information that considers all aspects of a venture. We provide substantial, verified information in our findings to withstand regulatory or adversarial scrutiny. We also understand that information is only as good as the insight it provides. We strive to give you a full understanding of what the data we’ve uncovered truly means.

Evaluation of Operating Agreements

For Limited Partner investors, we can evaluate your operating agreement side-by-side with your distributions to date to give you a clear picture of the trends. We can uncover potential discrepancies and areas where an asset’s performance shows significant enough divergence from the market trends to warrant further inspection. Based on that insight, we can help negotiate protections in agreements such as transaction approval controls and examination rights to secure your interests.

Artist rendering of 275 Elm Street
The firm behind 275 Elm Street engaged P(Gain) to develop a model that captured the development budget, pro forma (lease-up to stabilization), and resulting joint venture waterfall. Additionally, P(Gain) assisted with sourcing of Brownfield tax credits.

Gain Information and Insight

P(Gain) can provide valuation of current/historic real estate models utilized for existing partnerships, as well as construction of JV Waterfall models for new fund inceptions.

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