Portfolio Assessment & Optimization

With extensive experience servicing open-end and closed-end fund structure, the P(Gain) team of advisors can perform strategic portfolio assessments of select clients’ real estate holdings, including:

  • Auditing existing underwriting models
  • Development of custom new acquisitions, asset management and portfolio models
  • Forecasting returns and risk using deterministic and probabilistic modelling techniques
  • Identifying and recommending optimal hedging strategies to reduce project and portfolio risk
  • Evaluating and structuring Partnership agreements and incentive structures

Are your real estate costs as efficient as they could be? Does your portfolio deliver satisfactory returns? Do you have the data you need to make informed decisions, and more importantly, keep those decisions aligned with the goals of your assets and your organization as a whole?

Artist rendering of a housing development
P(Gain) was responsible for assessing and optimizing the product mix, and all investor/lender financial modelling for this development in Arizona.

What Could You Gain from a Strategic Portfolio Assessment?