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Webinars and Financial Modelling Courses

PGain provides quarterly market updates on the state of commercial real estate within the United States by asset class. Membership provides access to current forecasts as well as access to best practices in financial modelling in commercial real estate.

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PGain Weekend Seminars

Session 1: The Basic Pro Forma – Saturday 9am-12pm

Focused on the beginning from cell colours, to designing borders to separate areas, to sections for the inputs for the basic apartment model, i.e. four units. Focused on the individual that has never started with a blank spreadsheet and/or used MS Excel. The goal is to construct the input sections and headers for remaining sheets, i.e. Pro forma and Amortization.

Session 2&3: Advanced Pro Forma Development – Saturday 1pm-4pm & Sunday 9am-12pm

Focused on more complex real estate projects which include development, rent rolls, and custom amortization mortgage product. Focused on the individual that has taken the basic course and builds upon the model. The goal is to construct a real estate pro forma model that is scalable and modular that will accommodate development and “n” unit multifamily.

Session 4: Advanced Pro Forma Development – Sunday 1pm-4pm

Introduction to the theory and practical construction of “waterfalls” for existing and new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet models. The waterfall is the method of distributing profits among partners within a transaction. In more complex transactions, profits are not distributed pari passu. (Pari passu is the proportional distribution of profits according to the percentage of capital invested—that is, with an investor who provides 80 percent of the capital receiving 80 percent of the profit.)

This is focused on PC use and not MAC.

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